Greet the street

Out of the box living

Homes live and grow as much as the people who occupy them.
Through the course of their daily lives, residents personalise the space and shape their immediate surroundings, defining their environment for neighbours and passersby alike.
We returned to a handful of our projects — some new, some recent, some old — to explore this life in action.
Join us for a walk around the neighbourhood. Featuring dancers, laundry and gnomes.

Meet the neighbours

Architects do not do ‘placemaking’. People make places, simply through daily activities.

It’s a material world

Hawkins Brown - Burridge Gardens - Pineapple brick motif
Hawkins Brown - Burridge Gardens - Artwork by Rodney Harris

The front door

‘Fancy a cuppa?’

A lady inside of the living room at Portlands Place, East Village