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Getting started with H\B:ERT

Everything you wanted to ask about using H\B:ERT in your project

Coinciding with the launch of the 2020 update of the freely available version of H\B:ERT, our Revit-based emission reduction tool, we ran an informal walkthrough of the programme and Q&A to help you get started with measuring and reducing embodied carbon in your projects.

The session is led by Raheela Khan-Fitzgerald, supported by Jake Attwood-Harris and Ben Robinson. You can download H\B:ERT here.

Questions include:

  • Does the ICE embodied carbon values take in to account historic data for material production?
  • Will the database of 48 no. “HBA” materials be added to over time? And is this a crowd-sourced library of materials, with parameters “checked” by a custodian of the library?
  • To test different materials, do we have to run the tool and fill in the project info each time we change a material?
  • If you are using reclaimed bricks in a new building would the library you mentioned have the data for this?

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