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Our open-source H\B:ERT V1 tool spawned an in-house version V2, that we use for our embodied and whole life carbon consultancy. It won both the AJ100 Best Use of Technology and the RIBA Research Award, in 2020 and now, the evolution continues.

H\B:ERT v2 has evolved into VERT, a commercial Whole Life Carbon tool designed to support projects from inception to completion. VERT stands for Visionary Emissions Reduction Tool, derived from the Latin word “vertere,” which means “to change.” Our goal is to give non-experts access to Whole Life Carbon data, empowering them to make informed, long-term decisions about their design work or portfolios.

VERT also visualises the emission reduction benefits of retrofit, from light modifications to deep interventions, compared to demolition and new build. This feature helps users assess the impact even before design work begins.

You can find out moreĀ here