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Custom software development

The Briefing Tool, originally developed for the highly technical education sector, enables us to access data on over 150 projects and share it with our clients in a graphic, digestible and filterable way.

The National Galleries of Scotland 

The National Galleries of Scotland estate comprises five Category A listed buildings across three sites in Edinburgh but only about 3% of the Collection is on display in these galleries at any one time, the rest being held in various repositories on the outskirts of Edinburgh.

Our work involved the detailed quantitative and qualitative analysis of each site and the existing space within each building. Using our in-house briefing tool, we were able to categorise each type of space in every building and analyse them comparatively.

We developed and reviewed a series of options for potential interventions that would allow NGS to generate the greatest value from each building, operationally and commercially, in the context of space that would be freed up with the opening of the Art Works collection facility. We also looked at what spaces were missing yet needed in the respective buildings. Chosen options were worked up into more developed designs and an estates strategy developed and costed.