We think of research as the vitamin C in our architecture diet. A daily dose of knowledge gives our projects a healthy glow.

We are critical thinkers building bridges between architecture and statistical analysis, philosophy and social sciences. We pound pavements, we push boundaries, we question everything. We quantify the unquantifiable.

Our research helps our architects see the wood and the trees. We look beyond buildings to the impact they have; on climate change, on us as individuals, on the communities we design for and on society at large.

Our curiosity inspires boundless creativity, but everything we do is evidence-based and well grounded. More than statistics and pie charts, our research is relevant, relatable and, above all, human.

And not only do we carry out our own research, our specialist in-house researchers are commissioned by local authorities, private clients and leading industry luminaries to guide, shape and share insights into the world around us and the big issues we all face.

What would you like to know? Discover our full range of research projects.

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