Tiger Way \

A co-located school and residential scheme in Hackney

The scheme provides a new nursery (with early years provision) and a 2FE primary school co-located with 89 residential apartments. The project seeks to maximise the site, whilst providing a high quality-built outcome.

Tiger Way is a mixed-use scheme providing a new nursery (with early years provision) and a 2FE primary school co-located with 89 residential apartments. The project seeks to maximise the site, with the aim to provide the much-needed school spaces through the private sale of residential units.

The challenge was to create a design scheme for both residential and educational uses, on a tight site and with multiple stakeholders.

The team have worked closely with the Local Educational Partnership and school to ensure a design that meets or exceeds design guidance, responds to the existing school’s needs and community, as well as being viable.

The big idea

Although considered one project it was important to create an individual identity for both uses. The school is located to the north facing the community, which is more intimate in scale. Classrooms wrap around ground floor play spaces with varied play, with learning and growing spaces provided on the rooftops, again to maximise the site’s potential. The school also has strong presence to the south, provided by a large flexible space called the ‘Park Room’ overlooking Hackney Downs.

To ensure a viable scheme a certain number of residential units were required. A 4-storey linear block is proposed to the south, set back from the road to form an enhanced public realm, along with raised front gardens to duplexes. The positioning of the towers have been carefully considered to minimise over-shadowing.

The positioning of the two entrances on the different sides of the site helps to inform the uses’ own identity. However the proposed terracotta cladding unites the scheme as one, which should also be celebrated.

Tiger Way is an innovative typology facilitating the provision of much needed school spaces within the borough. The school design is of a very high standard due to the private sale of the residential units.

Working from the inside out

Hawkins\Brown’s interiors were appointed separately and have been working closely with the architectural team to unite the scheme inside and out.

The team have also been working in collaboration with Steve Edge Design to translate some of the concepts behind the residential marketing into the internals. There is a strong botanical theme that has taken precedence from the park. This informed the interior strategy for both the school and residential scheme.

Lessons learnt

In locating two uses on the one site, consideration to overlooking and the positioning of residential units and views out has been extremely important. However, in many cases the idea of residents overlooking the school can also be seen a beneficial, in that it creates a community with the residential feeling part of the school. Therefore, the team felt it important that the architectural language reflected this idea, by wrapping the scheme in one material- terracotta and providing the school ‘Park Room’ above the residential entrance.

The scheme uses terracotta as a rainscreen cladding. The material is of a high quality and the fired earth aesthetic is sympathetic to the brick buildings adjacent to the site.

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Project Summary

Project Team

Main Contractor: McLaren
Project Quantity Surveyor: Currie & Brown
Structural Engineer: Kier Structures
MEP Engineer: Max Fordham
Acoustic Engineer: Max Fordham
BREEAM: Max Fordham
Principal Designer: Currie & Brown
Planning Consultant: CBRE
Landscape Architect: B|D Landscape Architects
Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment:REDS10


Tiger Way recently received a BREEAM award for the design stage, achieving ‘Outstanding.’ Sustainable design is high on the agenda with the target to achieve ‘Excellent'.

Project Update

The project is currently under construction. The intention is the that the school opens early 2019, with the residential set for completion in March 2019.

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