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Smithfield Public Realm

Celebrating history and contemporary culture

A once-in-a-generation opportunity to transform over four hectares of public realm in the City of London into a world class 24-hour cultural destination.

An image of the market hall building at Smithfield with families enjoying an exhibition of large model bird
West Smithfield Garden as it is currently

It’s one of the most historic parts of London, but unless you are an early morning meat market trader or possibly an office worker, Smithfield is currently a space to pass through on the way to somewhere more interesting.

Now, following the opening of the Elizabeth Line and the forthcoming relocation of the Museum of London, the area from Farringdon Street to Aldersgate will be transformed into a series of interconnected pedestrian-friendly multi-functional and inclusive public spaces.

Smithfield streets are noisy and overwhelmed with traffic even outside market operating hours but soon people will take priority over cars and lorries, as roads are replaced with footpaths and landscaping, creating healthier, well-lit and safer streets.

Smithfield is a key facet of the City of London’s Culture Mile and we  are working hard to bring more diverse voices and audiences to Smithfield. Artist in residence, Larry Achiampong is challenging the design process and undertaking his own research and engagement with under-represented groups, particularly Black youth and the elders in the City and adjacent boroughs.

Project details

Project name: Smithfield Public Realm

Location: London, UK

Service: Social research, Sustainable design

Scope: Masterplanning, Urban design

Clients: City of London

Status: Live

Landscape architecture: OKRA

Lighting design: Studio Dekka

Transport & movement: Momentum

Cultural placemaking: Contemporary Art Society

Artist in residence: Larry Achiampong

If you want to know more about our urban design and masterplanning work, contact Darryl Chen