Mountbatten House\

A workplace and social hub, all in one.

A flexible workspace for those wishing to escape either the long commute or the confines of home working.

Well before large companies started to look at alternatives to headquarters located in city centres, Clockwise were offering flexible workspace to people who were not willing to spend long hours commuting but didn’t have a suitable space at home to work.

Buildings should have distinctive character and identity. Rather than using a consistent language for all spaces, we aim to take inspiration from each building's unique context and seek to engage with the public realm and local community.

Because of Mountbatten House's proximity to the city centre and great rail links to the capital, the site lends itself to becoming an ideal location for commuters and residents alike.

Creating an identity

Throughout the years, Southampton has been many things: a Spa city, a major commercial port, a WWII bombing target and, more recently, an ideal location for people in search of a good work-life balance, easy commute and pleasant environment. What all those things have in common is a strong connection to the sea and water.

Our designs reflect the contrast between man-made objects and the natural shapes and colours of the marine environment. A balanced blend of organic shapes, colours inspired by the landscape as well as subtle references to the Regency architecture create a unique identity and a strong link with the context.

The small detail

When completed, 80% of Mountbatten House accommodated traditional CAT A office space, whilst the remaining 20% was dedicated to amenities and co-working spaces.

As the clients monitor how the market reacts to the offer, the balance is shifting, and the building could eventually turn into the embodiment of a culture of sharing rather than just be a place of production.

Project Summary

Project Team

Project Manager/Cost Consultant: Quartz
M&E Engineer: Lehding services design
Structural engineer: Tier
Fire engineer: Bureau Veritas
Lighting Design: InTo
Approved Inspector: Regional Building Control
Art/Murals: Bud Studio
Acoustic Engineer: Sandy Brown
Contractor: Hop Interiors

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