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Limerick Colbert Quarter

Creating a flourishing new urban quarter

Colbert Quarter is set to become a sustainable and flourishing new urban quarter for Limerick.

The Quarter is set to become a sustainable and flourishing new urban quarter for Limerick. It is expected to offer vibrant compact neighbourhoods with a focus on delivering affordable housing in a well-connected and walkable environment. This will include community and recreational amenities, quality public realm and parkland setting to enhance liveability and well-being, whilst promoting sustainability and flexibility for the area to evolve over time. A network of new and improved links will promote sustainable and active travel, better connecting new and existing communities with supporting neighbourhood amenities.

Colbert Quarter is planned to become a gateway for Limerick, with landmark buildings and high-quality employment office and commercial space, providing opportunities for inward investment and job creation, with potential for cultural and leisure activities which will support with creating a vibrant and inclusive character, building upon Limerick’s cultural and city initiatives.

Early development opportunities have been identified for partners to progress and have the potential to act as a catalyst to demonstrate the vision, set the tempo for development and support the unlocking of the transformative potential of this new urban quarter and gateway for Limerick.

The ambitious project is based upon The Draft Spatial Framework for the area, which has been developed by the Land Development Agency (LDA), with their partners, Limerick City and Country Council, CIE and HSE.

Project details

Project name: Limerick Colbert Quarter

Location: Limerick, Ireland

Service: Sustainable design

Scope: Urban design

Clients: Land Development Agency, CIE, HSE, Limerick City and County Council

Status: Live

Architect: Hawkins\Brown and C+W O’Brien

Transport consultants: Curtins

Soci-economic consultants: PRD

Engagement consultant: Property District

Planning consultant: John Spain Associates

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