Heathrow City\

Developing the vision

Hawkins\Brown were invited to provide a visionary masterplan for the redevelopment of the Heathrow site. The commission imagines how to create a new London 'borough' if the airport were to be relocated. Regardless of the outcome of the Airports Commission, our vision for Heathrow City identifies possibilities for a range of key London issues: housing, goods distribution, land productivity and the governance of digital infrastructures.

Heathrow City could offer 90,000 jobs and at least 80,000 homes for London. At the heart of our proposal are three big ideas:

  • UK’s first airship port will utilise the growing technology and interest in the airship market to facilitate continued freight transportation
  • A Factory for Homes will allow new models of housing development and a diversification of the development industry through digital prefabrication and online customisation
  • The ‘green belt in the green belt’ will be an iconic London park built on the footprint of the old runways

Our masterplan projects 20+ years into the future while providing perspective on current urban design and planning practice for London. Heathrow City was a product of the &\also thinktank and urban design studio. The proposals were also developed with creative input from collaborators &&& and Factory Fifteen.

Our proposals were exhibited at New London Architecture, and received widespread press coverage.


“Thinking about the future of Heathrow without planes is a welcome indication that orthodoxy can be challenged.”

Paul Finch, Architects’ Journal

Project Summary


  • BD Architect of the Year Awards 2014 - Masterplanning & Public Realm - Shortlisted

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