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Havering Town Hall

Smarter, faster, healthier

Our refurbished town hall consolidates all staff under one roof and enables new and improved ways of working for the benefit of the whole community.

Havering Town Hall is a 1930s building providing accommodation for the majority of the Council’s operational staff. As part of a consolidation onto one central site, our renovation encourages better health and well-being, improves staff experience and retention rates, and increases capacity for better use of the estate.

The refurbished Town Hall has a new and improved reception and customer service centre, with comfortable and safe consultation rooms. It enables agile and collaborative working, supports smart working principles and a new IT system.


A key design element is encouraging activity-based working, in which staff make shared use of a diversity of work settings that have been designed to support different kinds of activities. Each activity zone includes a range of carefully selected furniture.

We worked with the council and a local supplier to select a range of furniture and space types – a ‘kit-of-parts’ to be utilised throughout the building. This design approach allows for consistency in design; the same workspace strategy can be easily adopted and applied to other areas of the Town Hall refurbishment in the future.

Project details

Project name: Havering Town Hall

Location: London, UK

Scope: Architecture, Interior design

Status: Live

Photography: Ruth Ward

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