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Foxlands, Dublin

Homes rooted in the landscape

An opportunity to create new homes, a nursing home and crèche spaces within a generous, well-designed green space.

Tying the development into the wider environment and supporting better connectivity was a key goal.

The seven blocks sit harmoniously within the landscape, with green buffers helping to provide privacy to homes at ground level and frame entrances.

Generous residential amenity spaces are proposed throughout, creating centres for activity along key routes and encouraging social interaction. Uses include a gym, lounges, a games room, a screening room and flexible space. The latter of these has been designed and located to provide potential use by the crèche and the nursing home, with the intention to unify and celebrate the co-location of these uses within the scheme.

Homes at ground level have planted front gardens, along with communal lobby entrances, enabling active frontages in the neighbourhood and an intimacy of scale.

A rich brick palette, together with subtle changes in colour, gives each block its own identity and improves wayfinding throughout the development.

Project details

Project name: Foxlands, Dublin

Location: Raheny, Dublin

Scope: Masterplanning, Architecture

Clients: Marlet Property Group

Status: Live

Number of homes: 500 - 1000

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