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AVA Bridge

Tailor-made for the future

CGI animation of AVA bridge

AVA Bridge is an adaptable, low-carbon, pre-manufactured footbridge system that can be rolled out anywhere, from Liverpool to Los Angeles.

Railway station footbridges provide essential access for passengers and often a crucial connection between neighbourhoods, but until now they have been time-consuming, carbon intensive and expensive to build. By bringing contractor, manufacturer, engineer, architect and client together from day one, we have been able to come up with a solution that will reduce time, money and carbon and result in a footbridge that will have a lasting, positive impact on thousands of local communities.

Network Rail was looking for a solution that would minimise the bridges’ impact on the environment, locally and globally. Each option, component and material for the AVA Bridge has been tested against the opportunity to save whole life carbon. While upfront carbon has been reduced, by concentrating on replacement cycles, overall embodied carbon will be significantly lower. In addition, the team has tested the operational energy use against the potential for on-site renewable energy generation.

Adherence to circular economy principles means that AVA uses self-finished materials which are robust enough to withstand weather and vandalism and require minimum maintenance. The design life for AVA is at least 120 years.

Detail shot of AVA Bridge components, including bolts, and screws.
Detail shot of AVA Bridge components, including bolts, and bars of metal screwed together.
Detail shot of AVA Bridge components, including lighting panels, and bars of metal.

All AVA components (apart from the lifts) will be manufactured offsite in the same factory and assembled quickly and efficiently onsite, with minimal impact on the local environment, resulting in significant reductions in build time and materials compared with traditional footbridges. The structure is long lasting and low maintenance, comprising a light, robust stainless-steel structural frame and cladding system.

AVA is simple to install and therefore can connect communities that have previously been unable to benefit from bridges at all, helping to make them stronger and more vibrant. And AVA’s advanced configurator tool empowers communities and stakeholders to design a bridge which is tailored to their specific requirements.

Project details

Project name: AVA Bridge

Location: London, UK

Service: Design for Manufacture & Assembly, Sustainable design

Scope: Architecture

Clients: Network Rail, Innovate UK, (as part of the TIES Living Lab Programme)

Status: Live

Consortium members: Network Rail, Expedition Engineering, X-Treme Systems, MTCand Walker Construction

Collaborators: Hawkins\Brown, SCX, Atelier Ten, Quantum Infrastructure and Norman Foster Foundation


Constructing Excellence Midlands Awards 2023
Sustainability - Winner

Constructing Excellence SECBE Awards 2023
Integration & Collaborative Working - Winner

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