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4100 Riverside Drive

Best of both worlds

Forty-seven homes with quality shared amenity space and a new public plaza for Burbank’s Media District.

4100 Riverside Drive is two buildings split by an alley that become an attractive access road; where it meets Pass Avenue, we’ve created a triangular public plaza that guides pedestrians towards the residential north building’s light-filled entrance lobby with views to the gardens beyond.

To the south, the district borders a residential area, of low-rise single-family homes. Here we’ve stepped the south building down and added a roof garden on the single storey podium so that the neighbours can enjoy views of trees, not roof equipment. The planting also obstructs views from the building’s amenity deck, positioned as far from the homes as possible.

In contrast, the north building is entirely in the commercial zone and here it steps up dramatically to match the scale of nearby office towers and mixed-use buildings. Even so, the tallest residential tower is set farthest from the single-family homes on the prominent commercial corner of Riverside Drive and Pass Avenue.

A variety of restaurants and shops along Riverside Drive provide rest, relaxation, and employment for the wider community of Burbank. Floor to ceiling windows connect activities inside and out.

Project details

Project name: 4100 Riverside Drive

Location: Burbank, USA

Scope: Architecture

Clients: The Post Group

Status: Live

Number of homes: < 100

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