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SENSE.STEAM lab launches in Ireland

Helping shape the future of education

The latest in a series of workshops aimed at shaping the future of STEAM education, hosted by Hawkins\Brown, recently took place at Kinsale Community School, Cork.

The event was run with representatives from Kinsale Community School and St. Peter’s Community School, alongside local policy makers from Cork.

From strategizing the implementation of the SENSE.STEAM methodology, to conducting an evolved version of our ‘Journey over Destination – Shadow Hunting’ lesson plan, the launch was invigorating and enriching.

By keeping students at the core of the discussion, an agenda to create more inclusivity within the curriculum was initiated.

Both schools were keen to continue conversations on SENSE.STEAM methodology. So much so, that we are currently planning follow-up sessions to explore how it could be incorporated into the current Irish school system.

Click here to discover more on SENSE.STEAM’s mission.

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