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Hawkins\Brown commits to annual carbon removals purchase

Next step in our carbon reduction plan

As the next step in our Science Based Target initiative (SBTi) certified carbon reduction plan,  Hawkins\Brown has committed to annually purchasing carbon removals, to ensure carbon neutrality while progressing to Net Zero in the long term for Scope 1,2 and 3 emissions.

Based on our 2021-2022 carbon footprint measured at 350 TCO2e we have planted trees that sequester 100% of our carbon emissions for that year, alongside beginning investment in long term carbon removals.

Developing a carbon removal portfolio, compared to a carbon offsetting portfolio currently seems to be an emerging field. We believe viable projects that are robust and scalable will rapidly expand in the coming months and years and are excited to play our part in investing in new technologies and approaches to mitigating the climate emergency.

For 2021-2022 emissions we have chosen to invest in an Enhanced Rock Weathering project based in Scotland. Rock naturally absorbs emissions when CO2 in rainwater binds with it. Enhanced weathering accelerates this natural process by crushing rock and spreading it on land to increase surface area. This speeds up emissions removal alongside enriching the soil with essential nutrients. The durability of carbon removals generated through this process is expected to be 10,000 years.  We are now completing our carbon footprint report for 2022-2023 and will be researching the next generation of carbon removals.



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