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Build less, build light, build smart

October 25, 2023


Anaheim, CA

What are the global best practices for optimizing lab buildings to achieve sustainable value? Matthew Ollier and Rebecca Fode join the International Institute for Sustainable Laboratories 2023 Annual Conference and Technology Fair to discuss campus decarbonization strategies.

Across the United States, institutions are increasingly recognizing the importance of factoring embodied carbon into major campus planning decisions.

Whole Life Carbon (WLC) analysis is now practically de facto, as campuses seek to reduce WLC in new and existing buildings through data-driven decisions. Lab buildings, in particular, offer their own challenges to decarbonization.

Matthew Ollier and Rebecca Fode will focus on Hawkins\Brown’s science & tech projects in the UK and Europe to compare case studies of retrofit versus new build benchmarks through the lens of a build less, build light, and build smart approach.

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