Working with Artists\

We’re endlessly curious about the relationship between art and architecture. We believe working with artists wherever possible helps us to inject new thinking into the design process and disrupt the status quo.

Across our various collaborations, we strive to create thoughtful pieces that are specific and meaningful to the context.

With well-established relationships with many artists and arts organisations, such as the Henry Moore Foundation, we use our in-depth knowledge of contemporary art practices to support our clients in selecting the right artist for their project. Whether it’s help with planning negotiations or applications for external funding, we work with clients to commission artists that can make an invaluable contribution to a project.

Our artworks always seek to play a deeper role within the design of the project. Whether it’s gently introducing wayfinding through Daniel Buren’s permanent art installation at Tottenham Court Road, engaging with community history and legacy through Jackson & Harris’ relief sculptures, or drawing on local artistic talent through Lara Harwood and Richard Peacock’s work at Greenside House – our use of art is always full of meaning, purpose and story.

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