Urban Design and Masterplanning\

Our mission is to deliver bespoke and forward-thinking masterplanning in every project.

Our strategic and large-scale projects demonstrate an approach that is culturally aware, informed by research and rooted in experience. Our methodology always extends beyond the site boundaries to consider how wider places are inhabited and shaped. Our areas of expertise are in the following:

“Setting the framework for greater cities and towns means questioning everything from paving to lifestyles.”

Darryl Chen Partner, Head of Urban Design and Masterplanning

Mixed urban communities

We design neighbourhoods as frameworks for diversity. We amplify the unique elements of briefs and sites to create places that have distinct and longlasting character. Our work is both for public and private sector clients acknowledging that both have a role to play in meeting our housing needs.

Town centre puzzles

Town centres are our most dense, mixed use, layered and therefore most complicated urban areas. We support local authorities in unravelling these complex places to meet strategic aims through thoroughly evidenced and holistically planned spatial frameworks. Our work includes capacity testing, development briefs, public space design, co-design and special policy advice.

New places of work and learning

Our research into Creative Ecologies and Innovation Districts chart the fast-changing shape of the knowledge economy. This area of work cuts across commercial and education sectors, and often requires urban-scaled thinking as part of the 'recipe' for success. Our ongoing research supports our numerous projects at the campus and district scales where innovative thinking is a matter of survival.

Solutions for industrial land

Increased pressure on industrial land in built-up areas is radically changing the priorities for urban development. Our work for London boroughs is helping shape industrial land policy to meet London's 'good growth' strategy. We are also delivering mixed residential/industrial buildings, and have undertaken research to determine the future form of this evolving typology.

Unknown briefs

Our wide-angle thinking and knowledge of multiple sectors allow us to create and develop briefs for unusual sites. We help clients realise additional value through creatively assessing the potential of their assets while meeting their strategic organisational goals. This involves scenario planning, comparator research, feasibility studies and visualisation.

Outer-urban intensification

Our work in intensifying outer-urban locations is some of the most sensitive planning work we do. We have delivered schemes for greenbelt and new town settings, and are continuing to look at outer London sites as an area of enormous growth potential for accommodating the city's housing and employment needs.

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