Urban Design and Masterplanning \

Hawkins\Brown creates and delivers strategic visions that combine place making and architectural form going beyond normal disciplinary boundaries.

Whether considering the wider context of your site or making a whole new part of the city, our urban design team will realise your ambitions and aim to bring surprising results to the table. Working collaboratively with our architects, we’re in a unique position to inform your urban design project at every scale. Our work helps shape neighbourhoods, deliver successful public spaces and create lasting pieces of a city that continue to have meaning a century or more later.

We provide strategic and large-scale thinking that is culturally aware and informed by research. Our methodology always extends beyond the site boundaries to consider how wider places are inhabited and shaped.

“Setting the framework for greater cities and towns means questioning everything from paving to lifestyles.”

Heike Neurohr Associate Director

Making Masterplans

A masterplan adds concrete to your vision, providing a coherent way for aspirations to be made real. We unlock value at a project’s earliest stages. And we make sure that the vision and fresh thinking at the start survive the design and construction process.

Empowering Communities

Good public realm design should be a catalyst for change, transforming the spaces between buildings into places that nurture communities. Our work engages with local people, empowering them to make your project their own.

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