The climate crisis is here and it is serious.

We are on a mission to demystify sustainability and make it effortless for our clients to achieve their targets and do their bit for our planet. Our considered whole life design approach reduces carbon emissions over the lifecycle of a building and creates healthier, happier environments.

When you think of Hawkins\Brown, ‘global leader in sustainable design’ might not be your first thought, but did you know we recently completed the UK’s largest Passivhaus development? And we created an award-winning open source tool for architects, designers and clients to achieve zero carbon emissions at every stage in a building lifecycle? And there’s a fair chance we contributed to the sustainability guidelines that you adhere to?

We have been pioneers in sustainable design since the practice was founded. We constantly challenge ourselves, our clients, colleagues and competitors to do better. And we do that by investing, researching, reviewing, inventing and - most importantly - sharing the knowledge and tools we create.

So whether you are concerned about rising sea levels, poor air quality, or leaving a responsible legacy; we will make sure your project avoids token gestures and makes a real contribution to resolving our climate and biodiversity crisis for future generations.

We have developed an in-house tool to measure carbon on our projects called H\B:ERT (Hawkins\Brown Emissions Reduction Tool). More information and a version of the tool for open source use is available here.

Net Zero Carbon

We can help you achieve a Net Zero Carbon project - and because we can’t expect our clients to achieve what we haven’t, we've made our own business Net Zero Carbon too.

We know it is important to walk the walk, so we measure our scope 1 and 2 emissions and our travel impacts and offset those we can not omit.

You can read about this in our 2020 Office Carbon Footprint report.

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