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Whole Life Design, for a sustainable future.

“To achieve Net Zero buildings, we must start measuring, sharing, reporting and reducing carbon emissions – and, based on design and delivery cycles it needs to happen now so we achieve the 2030 deadline required to limit global temperature rises.”

Louisa Bowles Partner

Our Whole Life Design approach is about understanding that reducing carbon emissions is an imperative, but so is creating places that enhance people's lives. This means we create carbon targets to track and reduce them through the design stages while ensuring heightened awareness of the decisions that we make on other impacts at all scales. You can’t consider carbon reductions without being aware of the longevity of a material or the resilience of a design solution against climate change or change of use.

We have a dedicated team of sustainability consultants who guide us in best sustainability practice at every stage of our projects. They undertake research as well as host public seminars, sharing their knowledge to help up-skill the industry at wide.

We have developed an in-house tool to measure carbon on our projects called H\B:ERT (Hawkins\Brown Emissions Reduction Tool). More information and a version of the tool for open source use is available here.


Downloads of H\B:ERT, our carbon emission reduction tool

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