Architecture \

Across a world of scales, uses and situations, we design and deliver socially sustainable places that embrace their surroundings and lift the human spirit. We’re here for you throughout the creative design, construction and handover stages.

Design is Valuable, not Precious

Come to our studio and you’ll see notebooks full of freehand sketches, desks covered with models and a space brimming with energetic
debate and discussion. We’ll explore your brief in depth, considering every dimension of your project’s potential.

“With you, we’ll be questioning, challenging, interrogating, researching, creating, sketching, reflecting, testing, planning, making and delivering.”

Russell Brown Partner

Delivery is All-Encompassing

We’ll make sure your project is delivered on time and on budget, from the façade to the fixtures and fittings. We speak the language of construction and are internationally accredited for quality assurance and environmental management.

​Technology Leads, Rather than Dictates

To best test, refine and present designs to you, we’ll use everything from Building Information Modelling (BIM) software to gaming engines and virtual reality. But we also know when it’s better to just talk or draw you a sketch.

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