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Encouraging the exchange of ideas

“Different types of work require different types of space. Stepping inside the head of tenant and landlord also pays dividends.”

Nicola Rutt Partner

Who wants to work in the same old place? The way that companies, and the people within them, interact is transforming. Modern businesses require bespoke, engaging environments that champion best working practices. People want to be in a place that says something unique about them. Stock answers from standard guidelines no longer do the job.

To the technical competency and quality assurance you would expect, we add a surprising amount of creativity, passion and care. Working with our in-house interior design team, we consider the workspace from the users’ point of view, as well as the landlord’s perspective.

There’s something else that counts too. We remove the commercial straight jacket, drawing inspiration from projects in other sectors. In particular, we bring experience from designing higher education environments to the workplace, where innovative spaces are encouraging the exchange of ideas.

Our approach works equally well for fit-out or new build workspace. So whether it’s 100 square metres or 1 million square feet, an international headquarters or small specialist facility, commercial space can also be a creative place.

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