Encouraging the exchange of ideas

“Different types of work require different types of space. Stepping inside the head of tenant and landlord also pays dividends.”

Nick Gaskell Partner

Work is more fluid than ever. How, where and when we work are changing day by day. It’s a jigsaw puzzle, the pieces continuously switching to build a new picture. Fortunately, this makes designing workplaces a thousand times more exciting and innovative.

Imagining and realising work spaces for this flexible future is an ongoing adventure, each space, use, material and context an ingredient to put in the mixing pot. And mix is the right word. Computational design, open-source construction toolkits, lab-enabled office spaces, contemporary refits and well-being focussed workspaces—we’ve dipped more than a toe into all of them. Drawing on cross-sector, multi-disciplinary, mixed-use expertise is essential and energising.

It might sound strange but we think the amount of fun you have during a project is a testament to how seriously you’re taking the opportunity. Because the opportunity is to completely rethink what workplaces are and how they’re experienced. Our generously awarded Here East and Great Suffolk Street projects alone are proof of how a team’s enthusiasm can be felt and seen throughout a building. They look different because they are. Obsessively researched, deliriously explored and joyfully realised. This doesn’t feel like work. And it shouldn’t.

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