Urban Design and Masterplanning\

No small plans.

Life is like a jigsaw puzzle… or is it a box of chocolates? Whichever analogy you prefer, our urban design and masterplanning team piece together the puzzle and find the tastiest chocolate. We specialise in complex and unusual projects wrought with uncertainties. We help our clients - public and private - to seek out best social and commercial value from their sites.

We are architects and designers, masterplanners and techies, artists and bohemians, researchers and sustainability experts, social scientists and idealists. We look to the future and do not compromise on our principles. Our masterplans are thorough, nuanced and relevant. Put simply, our clients meet their bottom line and leave a good legacy to boot.

As somebody wise once said (probably) a building can have a client, but a neighbourhood has everybody. At the centre of every masterplan we design - every framework, public space and redevelopment no matter how large or small - are people. We create joyous, safe, accessible, future proof places that offer everyone the opportunities they need to thrive.

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