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Making homes, building communities

“A successful residential project is more than 'unit' numbers and pleasing planners.”

Seth Rutt Partner

Why is there no place quite like home? We’ve been debating this question for almost 30 years. We’ve learned that good design has a key role to play beyond the all-important numbers and ever-changing legislation. To produce successful, contemporary homes that people want to live in, we consider every aspect of a development, from its location right down to the fixtures and fittings; from the district to the doorknob.

We understand the needs of different markets and how these create daily challenges for the development and delivery teams. We know how to work with contractors, suppliers, sub-contractors and consultants as part of a single-minded team. We put consultation, engagement and dialogue at the heart of your project, making successful homes that contribute to neighbourhoods and are binvested with local meaning.

From huge regeneration projects to tricky urban infill, from private apartments to affordable houses, we’ll think wider for you, beyond the move-in date. We’re interested in the spaces between the buildings, the corridors, lift lobbies and what’s outside the front door. By thinking creatively about these important areas, we make places that people love to call home.

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