Making homes, building communities

“A successful residential project is more than 'unit' numbers and pleasing planners.”

Russell Brown Partner

We’ve designed and delivered hundreds of homes. Not units, homes. With all the commercial and legal constraints it’s easy to forget that real people like you and us, like our kids and parents, will live in these buildings. And the decisions we make will have a huge impact on the quality of their lives.

Too many residential projects involve churning out the same concepts, layouts and amenities as though a home is just a series of features and functions. Not only is that ethically disappointing, it’s also dreadfully unambitious.

Our similarities as humans make it easy to imagine a generic home, but it’s our differences that inspire designs that make unique places. Our projects span everything from affordable housing to market housing and it’s by only understanding the needs of each individual community that we’re able to create loved homes that sell like hot cakes. It might be a cliché, but everyone really can win. It’s all about how you put the pieces together.

Creativity loves constraints. They’re an invitation to find brilliant solutions that create stronger, happier communities. It’s good manners and it’s good business.

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