Interior Design\

Storytellers, moment makers.

Successful interior design gives a building its personality; it tells us about who is inside and what they value. It creates a sense of belonging for the people who use and care for the building.

From the big picture to the smallest detail, we are passionate about colour, texture and materiality to make every space we design a joy for every person who uses it. Colour can be exciting, playful, symbolic, emotive or restorative. A shot of colour can help people find their way, it can influence behaviour, set a mood, delineate a space. We bring these elements together to tell your story and create comfortable, intimate spaces in even the biggest and most complex buildings.

From the welcoming touch of a smooth door handle to the calm focus when you enter your laboratory; the excitement of running into a playground; the comfort of settling down with a good book; the buzz of getting that report written; the gravity of taking your vows; the nostalgia of walking past a childhood landmark. These are the moments we design for.

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