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Taking people somewhere else

“Cogs in the city should also lift everyday spirits.”

Harbinder Singh Birdi Partner

Great engineering and design looks effortless, but of course it’s anything but. With 25 years of experience on high profile (not to mention high blood pressure) projects like Tottenham Court Road Station and Crossrail, we know this only too well.

It takes a serious blend of experts years to take complex infrastructure projects from ambitious brief to beautifully functioning reality. And only once they’re alive with passengers clutching coffees, sports pages and apology-flowers—their journeys noticeably lightened and brightened—can you see the true impact.

For us, architecture is always about people. Even the most complex projects can tell simple human stories. Collaboration is essential, whether it’s a technical partnership in pursuit of efficiency or an artistic collaboration to lift spirits. And with hundreds of partners coming in and out of the project over long stretches of time, having one architectural team from start to finish makes a big difference. That’s why we take projects from concept to delivery. It’s a real journey, but better journeys is what we excel at.


people on the move everyday
We're delivering three of central London's Crossrail stations

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