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Taking people somewhere else

“Cogs in the city should also lift everyday spirits.”

Harbinder Singh Birdi Partner

For over 25 years, our focus as infrastructure architects has been on ensuring that these complex projects are shaped by the users’ experience first and the engineering second. This is the commitment we bring to your project, whether designing an underground station, a pedestrian bridge or a ventilation shaft within a listed building. Infrastructure can be a public stage and the chance to bring the joy of architecture and art to the masses. It is so much more than getting people from place to place.

Our architects, interior designers and urban designers work together to combine large underground engineering with elegant and efficient over-site buildings. We’ll also define the public realm, so that your project forms a compelling part of the urban fabric. Through open communication, we’ll make sure the needs of each stakeholder are heard. And through experience, we’ll balance the time and cost demands for high-quality results that will last for generations to come.


people on the move everyday
We're delivering three of central London's Crossrail stations.

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