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Designing for wellbeing

“We’re challenging what a ‘traditional’ hospital looks and feels like so we can provide a better experience for patients while looking after staff wellbeing.”

Oliver Milton Partner

The healthcare system needs a radical new model of building to keep up with the ever-increasing demand for hospitals, clinics and laboratories within a fast-changing world. These spaces should be more than just technically compliant: they should also be sustainable, viable and designed with wellbeing at its core. That means adaptable buildings that can offer comfortable spaces for patients, and a great workplace for practitioners while offering the flexibility to evolve as healthcare demands change.

We’re bringing a fresh approach: our cross-sector expertise will give you ideas for a new type of healthcare building that is both cost-effective and an inspiring place to be. Our experience in the commercial, education, research and science sectors will help your project draw links between healthcare, industry and academia. We recognise this is particularly important when we’re working within dense urban settings, where there will often be a need to navigate conflicting needs in tight spaces.

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