Designing for wellbeing

“We’re challenging what a ‘traditional’ hospital looks and feels like so we can provide a better experience for patients while looking after staff wellbeing.”

Oliver Milton Partner

Healthcare architecture needs a transfusion. Not just new blood but fresh, diverse thinking and approaches pumped in to revitalise it. Healthcare projects have long been inhibited or delayed unnecessarily under the weight of process. That’s bad news for your vision, budget and timeline. Worst of all though, the needs and wellbeing of our vital healthcare workers and their patients slip down the priority list.

In every sector we work in, nothing’s more important to us than the human condition. We’ve spent 30 years getting very good at delivering large, complex projects quickly but always with the needs of the building’s users front and centre. There’s no excuse for boring buildings. Even within highly regulated environments, complexity should be a source of inspiration not inertia. It just requires a more creative, fluid approach. We bring a wealth of diverse experience and a spirited workforce of born collaborators. We’re at our best working with and managing dozens of partners and specialists.

Healthcare professionals have always been empathetic, adaptable and human. Shouldn’t their buildings be?

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