Ideal infrastructure\

What makes for great infrastructure?

To take advantage of all the talented designers we have working on our infrastructure projects, we asked everyone to produce 100 words on their ideal piece of infrastructure.

We received so many great responses; highlighting what we all love about the sector. As you can imagine the diversity of thinking was enormous, some describing existing projects from all over the world, while others taking a more blue sky thinking approach. Various themes came through; use of colour or light, through to history of the area and our personal experiences.

The below infographics highlight what we have learnt from this process; with the intent being to feed this back into our future design work. We will be updating this page regularly to explore the individual themes and exhibit our team’s thoughts behind their choices.

Upcoming Themes

  • Metro
  • Creating Public Space
  • Train Stations
  • Rejuvenation
  • Bridges
  • Superstructures
  • Impacting the City
  • A Sustainable Future

Metro Systems

Highlighting bold uses of art, materials, colour and textures, the slides outline which metro stations from around the globe are our favourite. They each combine individual design flair with a sense of unity of the line; making reference to the respective city’s history and character.

Creating Public Space

The majority of our favourite pieces of infrastructure were all within the public realm. They can provide moments of individual relaxation within busy cities, or act as venues for people to meet up (and party). They use lighting; both artificial and natural, varied materials and planting to create retreats from the city, which are open for all to use.

Train Stations

Train stations are often required to act as major transport hubs with several mixed uses intertwined. We have highlighted how the programmatic complexity required from train stations, can still allow for beautiful spaces. They create landmarks through their often huge designs, acting as a gateway into cities.


Whether it be updating existing infrastructures to better suit the cities current styles, or reclaiming industrial land or derelict buildings to meeting growing requirements; reworking existing infrastructures can rejuvenate a city and its population while protecting the area’s history.


Historically, bridges were designed to be purely functional; however, these huge statements of engineering nonetheless created iconic experiences within a city. More recently these structures have been designed with the journey and view in mind.


These slides celebrate the merging of engineering and architecture. Exposed steel and concrete become the defining factors of these large public spaces, with their popularity within the community sometimes becoming a point of contention.

Impacting the City

Infrastructure can make huge changes to the way a city is negotiated by its users, and inform how it grows in the future. We explore real projects and how they have improved people’s ways of life, and speculative projects that could change the urban landscapes in the future.

A Sustainable Future

Looking at what infrastructure can already achieve for the environment, and looking forward to what infrastructure could become in the near future. Infrastructure can create habitats for rare flora and fauna, could help the clearing of the oceans, and will enable space exploration.

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