Creative Ecologies\

Research report to explore new forms of workspace

How do you engineer spaces that foster creative working? The &\also thinktank uncovers the dynamics driving the changing office, identifies leading examples, and speculates on future forms of workplace.

Creative Ecologies sets out an understanding of creative workplaces from a variety of critical and design-led perspectives.

We map the evolution of the design of the creative workplace with an emphasis on co-working as the currently dominant paradigm. We position Here East as an example of how the accepted model of co-working space is becoming richer and more integrated within its urban environment.

Our understanding of the way that workers use space is informed by live data gathering. We partnered with technologists Pointr to track the movement of staff at Hawkins\Brown - how we use space, where we work, where we stop to meet.

Combining this quantitative data with the idea of disruptive space, we created the 'Whole-life Workplace', a speculative project which deploys an understanding of co-working spaces to cater for those at opposite ends of the worklife demographic. Both under-25s and over-55s find a place to network, exchange and empower within this space. The WLW acts as a vehicle for the delivery of government unemployment and benefit services in a more inspiring, design-led way. We launched the Whole-life Workplace at the London Festival of Architecture.

Project Summary

  • Project name: Creative Ecologies
  • Sector: Workplace

Project Team

Technology Partner: Pointr

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