The Hertfordshire and Essex High School \

The Hertfordshire and Essex High School used the sale of three acres of sports fields to fund new sports facilities and teaching space. We helped them to get the planning permission that established the value of the site and allowed the project to proceed.

We worked with the School over six years to improve the sports facilities; to reconfigure and extend the dining provision, and to provide an additional eight classrooms. The scheme has added value to the school, raising it's standing in the local community and attracting increased numbers of students.

Perhaps the most successful interventions have been at a smaller scale: to reconfigure the circulation to bypass the hall; a new entrance and reception, and the creation of a dedicated sixth form centre within two existing classrooms. It is these last crucial pieces of the jigsaw that have completed the educational transformation.

Twenty years on, we are now working with the school to explore their potential for further expansion and relocation of their sports facilities.

Project Summary

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