The Fourth Plinth\

Bob and Roberta Smith was one of the six contenders competing for Trafalgar Square’s empty Fourth Plinth in 2009.

Practice Partner David Bickle collaborated with artist Bob & Roberta Smith on a proposed 18m-tall steel structure called Faites L’Art, Pas La Guerre.

“Faite L’Art, Pas La Guerre” (“Make Art Not War” in French), a peace sign powered by the wind and the sun, is a work typical of the output of Bob and Roberta Smith which seeks to playfully question our ideas about history and monuments on the one hand and art and war on the other. David Bickle worked closely with Bob and Roberta Smith to co-ordinate a team of specialists to support the feasibilty of the proposal, ensuring that it is structurally sound and is environmentally self-supporting.

Project Summary

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