Sequoia Pacific Beach Townhouses \

Located in Pacific Beach near San Diego, this row of five contemporary townhouses successfully integrates greater density and a modern living typology within a sensitive residential community.

Modern Living near the beach

Located within a low rise residential community in the Pacific Beach neighborhood of San Diego, the townhouses seek to blend into the existing neighborhood while offering a modern interpretation of the local architecture. This approach embeds the townhomes with an identity and curb appeal that is simultaneously unique yet familiar.

Each townhouse is 1,800 square feet and features 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms with a private parking garage and outdoor space at both the ground and second levels.

The material palette takes it cues from the local neighborhood and includes exterior wood siding, smooth cement plaster and exposed wood framing members for a contemporary twist on Craftman-style architecture.

Pre-fabrication techniques are employed to expedite construction time. Repetitive elements across the units such as bathrooms, kitchens, and cabinetry are manufactured off-site where quality and efficiency can be maximized and then delivered to the site for installation.

The material palette takes it cues from the local neighborhood.

Project Summary

Project Team

Landscape Design: Hawkins\Brown
Executive Architect: Gary Taylor Associates
Civil Engineer:Coffey Engineering

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