Samsung Open House \

A new home for Samsungs' interactive appliances

Samsung approached Hawkins\Brown to design a retail space to showcase their new range of home appliances. The Open House will be built in 700 different locations worldwide in the next three years.

In 2012 Samsung launched Open House 1.0, with the aim of bringing the quality of the experience of a small independent shop into the world of shopping malls. After three years Samsung approached us to redesign the Open House from scratch.

“It has been a pleasure to work with Hawkins\Brown and we're really pleased with the new design for Open House 2.0. It's an innovative solution for the market of the future.”

Hahyun Oh Samsung

The Challenge

Samsung asked us to challenge the conventional retail spaces within shopping malls. The brief was to show how the appliance would look in a domestic setting and encourage people to interact with the products. It was also important to show as many appliances as possible without turning the space into a showroom.

The Big Idea

The Open House challenges the idea that shops are places where people see and purchase goods. It is a place where people gather, have a chat and do something together. The Focus is on the experience and not the products.

Open House 2.0 is composed by three areas which represent archetypal domestic rooms: the living/kitchen area, the lounge and the utility room. All the elements contribute to create a homely feel and a sense of place.

Four joinery walls in the shape of a slightly asymmetric cross define three rooms. The corners are left open to allow customers to enter the Open House from any side.

Samsung have strict brand guidelines. Top executives would spot a wrong brand colour from miles away. To make sure the logo is in the right colour Samsungs’ preferred supplier sends backlit signage from Korea to all shops worldwide.

Everyday experience tells us that shopping malls and department stores are busy places. They are cluttered with objects, materials and lighting. The joinery walls act as theatre stage sets: they define an enclosure and give a background to the products.

The joinery walls accommodate shelves, cabinets, appliances and a fitted sofa. Each wall has an opening so that when visiting a room it is possible to get a glimpse into the adjacent room.

We aimed to create a sequence of rooms which have different characters and proportions. The identity of each room is defined by the use and the materials.

Two generous sofas and little coffee tables will encourage people to gather around Samsung’s Open House and have a chat.

The House has a luxury, warm feel. Each room is defined by one main material; timber for the living area, light blue fabric and carpet for the lounge room and dark timber for the utility room. Objects and furniture introduce splashes of colour.

Sample board

Project Summary

  • Project name: Samsung Open House
  • Location: Various locations, Worldwide
  • Sector: Workplace
  • Service: Interior Design
  • Value: £2m
  • Type: New build
  • Client: Samsung
  • Status: Current
  • Completion date: 2017

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