Queen Mary, University of London \

We have a long term working relationship with Queen Mary University of London, refurbishing and expanding parts of this disparate inner city campus to provide better student support facilities, new venues, social learning and academic spaces.

A complex 60s building was rationalised, re-focused and extended to provide a home for the student union, refectory, shops, a large venue/ bar and learning support. This space became a benchmark for student union facilities throughout the UK and was often visited by other Higher Education institutions as an example of good practice.

At the school of Biology and Chemical Sciences. Hawkins\Brown created a new identity within the public areas of the department by re-presenting imagery taken from the department’s photographic archive at a gigantic scale within the entrance lobby.

“It fits the bill, it is exciting, perfect for a students’ union. The result, despite budget cuts, is close to the original concept - it must be the best in London if not the best anywhere.”

Julian Robinson, Director of Projects, Queen Mary, University of London

Project Summary

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