Nordic City Commercial Development \

Hawkins\Brown masterplanned a new quarter in the burgeoning district of Xindu North of Chengdu. Named Nordic City, the masterplan was influenced by the Scandinavian model of healthy and sustainable cities.

The 7.1hectare site is bisected by the River Pi is home to the Nordic Business School. And will be the home also of a 3G Innovation park and retail/residential/office mixed-use development within a landscape of planted squares and courtyards terraces.

The development will accommodate over 10,000 residents and office workers, and is perceived as the "Grand Gateway " to northern part of Chengdu. Almost 300,000 sqm of floorspace will provide 180,000 sqm mixed-use high-rise and super-high rise towers, and 120,000sqm of commercial space within a five storey podium.

The masterplan explores how elements of culture coexist - playing, knowing, creating and living. Events and destinations will ensure that the new quarter has a dynamic and thriving energy. Interventions include a network of human-scale streets; a variety of squares and courtyards; terraces and podiums with gardens and green areas for locals and visitors to enjoy.


北欧知识城占地7.1公顷,毗邻美丽的毗河,将容纳北欧商学院, 3G创意园,以及大型商业住宅办公综合体,其中环绕以优美的景观植被,交织以错落有致的院落与景观平台。

此项目将为10,000人提供生活和工作场所, 被誉为通向成都北部的大型门户。北欧知识城总建筑面积达300,000平方米,包括了180,000平方米的多功能塔楼群及一座地标性超高层塔楼,以及120,000平方米的5层商业群房。此项目致力于探究人们的文化活动中不同的元素,寻求各种方式将玩耍、求知、创新以及生活和谐统一地联系在一起。丰富的活动场所和目的地将给新地块注入新鲜的活力。场地由人性化尺度的街巷交织联通,广场和庭院错落其中,裙楼与退台的空间形成了片片鸟语花香的公园和绿地,供居民和访客驻足憩息。



地理位置:成都市新都区斑竹园镇云兴路168号 610500

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