Nine Elms Bridge \

Crossing the Thames

We collaborated with Mott MacDonald engineers on a proposal for a new pedestrian and cycle bridge across the Thames.

The new crossing is conceived as a single surface that elegantly connects Nine Elms with Pimlico. The 5-9m wide bridge deck is designed as an extension of the landscape with an intertwined network of ramped and stepped promenades that provide safe ramped cycling routes, generous pedestrian walkways and lift access.

At each end the bridge deck unravels to suit the differing characters of Pimlico and Nine Elms. To the north the deck becomes a ramped treetop walk, sweeping through the existing trees and cantilevering over the river. To the south the ramp terminates as a promenade extension to the existing Riverside Walk, widening it to make room for the future influx of pedestrians and offering a new café and bike hub with a rooftop terrace.

The bridge deck is suspended from two tapering V-shaped towers providing a central span of 160m with ample height for boats to and from the nearby sailing club. The main span is suspended from large cables at its sides, which it rests on for 65m in the middle section providing uninterrupted views over the river. The horizontal splay of the main cables adds lateral stiffness to the deck whilst balancing the forces. This allows the bridge deck to be thin and elegant and reinforces its role as the connector of two places rather than a destination in and of itself. The bridge is the knot that ties both sides of the river together.

Project Summary

Project Team

Engineers: Mott MacDonald

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