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Regenerating Town Centres

Loughborough Junction is a working neighbourhood in search of its identity where urban industry, housing and creative maker space nestle in between bridges and railway arches.

Loughborough Junction possesses the DNA of a successful area of creativity, innovation and enterprise. Its railway arches and bridges not only imprint a unique character onto the area, but also tightly bind it to the economic and cultural activities of Central London. While the railway tracks divide the area into a series of separate neighbourhoods, they also concentrate activity at Loughborough Junction’s centre, thus creating a tangible focus of street vibrancy.

This convergence in a centre dissected by railways calls for a “socialisation” of the infrastructure that allows makers, creators and innovators to inhabit it. The fragmentation of the centre of Loughborough Junction lends itself to co-locating mutually supporting business, commercial and community uses in a series of distinct and recognisable clusters.

Loughborough Junction is centred on a junction consisting of nine railway bridges, six of which can be seen at once from the centre of the junction.

Our masterplan for Loughborough Junction reinforces the area as a home to a burgeoning array of creative and industrial uses that will contribute to London’s position as a leader for enterprise and innovation. The masterplan incorporates a strategic approach to addressing the pressure to deliver housing through allocating sites for particular kinds of mixed use development. The incremental delivery of new mixed use development is supported by detailed development briefs and commercial appraisals that will give developers and landowners confidence and allow a range of opportunities to come forward.

The Co-Design

Working closely with local residents, land and business owners, we are nearing completion of an intensive co-design process, driven by an active local community group and LB Lambeth. Our work will provide evidence for the future Local Plan.

An extensive programme of pop-up events, walk & talks, interviews and collaborative workshops at each stage of the masterplan allowed the local community to feed into the design process. The masterplan is shaped by local aspirations and forms the logical next step of the Loughborough Junction Action Group’s own Framework Plan.

Project Summary

Project Team

Commercial Agency Advisors: Cushman & Wakefield
Stakeholder Engagement: Fluid
Planning Consultant: CMA


  • BD Architect of the Year Awards 2017 - Masterplanning & Public Realm - Shortlisted

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