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Space for all

In an open competition to design and deliver the first ever architect’s float at Pride in London, the judges picked our design ‘Space For All’ as the winner.

Pride in London was started in 1972 and is now one of the world’s largest celebrations of love and inclusivity. An open competition was organised by the London Festival of Architecture and campaign group Architecture LGBT+ calling for a float design to represent LGBT+ architects for Pride 2018. Hawkins\Brown was the winner of this competition.

The Challenge

To design and deliver a float design to represent LGBT+ architects and celebrate inclusivity and diversity in the industry. Our float would be seen by over an estimated 1 million people on the day of the parade.

The Big Idea

We wanted to construct the float out of every-day materials and decided on scaffolding poles for the main structure, due to their robustness and re-useability. The float also needed to clearly express a connection with architecture, so we used clean black frames to outline a simple and recognisable pitched-roof structure, and incorporated a chimney.

The Small Detail

We put out an open call to the architectural community to contribute graphics and patterns to decorate the float. These patterns were then wrapped around the scaffolding poles and adorned the plinth of the float. We also designed additional artwork, which decorated the float soffits and was printed onto placards held by the 120-strong crowd behind the float.

The chimney contained a powerful sound system blasting out tunes to entertain the crowd. Throughout the parade, the chimney also blew large quantities of bubbles from a machine mounted inside.

The float was constructed from scratch in 3 days. To ensure the float was ready for Pride, most of the Hawkins\Brown team ended up onsite, helping the scaffolders and joiners with the sourcing of materials, setting-out and decoration. The entire team was also able to ride on the float on the day of the parade. Much fun was had!


The scaffolders were reluctant to build a structure that would need to be transported on a flatbed lorry. Our engineer, Andrew Blackie at Price&Myers had the idea of securing the entire load down onto rubber pads using straps. This provided friction between the structure and lorry bed, which effectively secured the entire load for not only the parade, but also transporting the float to and from site. The scaffolding poles were decorated with designs from the LGBT+ architectural community and were returned to working sites after use.

Hawkins\Brown’s design innovatively promotes acceptance and diversity by embedding the celebratory message that London’s built environment should be a space for all.

Tom Guy, Partner at Guy Piper Architects and Founder, Architecture LGBT+

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Project Summary

Project Team

Structural Engineer: Price & Myers


All materials were to be upcycled or recycled.

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