Highfields Automotive and Engineering Training Centre \

This project has become a model for the provision of effective vocational training for Sixth Form and College students.

The Training Centre is part of a larger masterplan that we won in competition as a joint venture with Grant Associates (Landscape Architects), Studio Egret West (Masterplanners). The masterplan was for the new ‘Highfields Site’ at Nottingham science Park, located on polluted land that has been remediated using a sustainable drainage system. The surface water running across the site has been collected in a series of new fishing ponds that filter the polluted water through a series of reed bed sand gravel filter tanks.

The first building on the site was a joint venture between Castle College and Toyota. The building has two matching wings, one of which allows young students to mirror the activities of Toyota's training and research in the second wing. The two operations are linked by a shared refectory, presentation/ marketing suite and learning resource centre. The site has become a major landmark in Nottingham, hosting the launch of Toyota's new models and local business and design awards.

Using the Training Centre, Castle College has found a way to provide authentic, vocational training for 14-18 year olds while maintaining safety and supervision. The College sees the linking of international 'brands' with their name as an important factor in attracting young people into further education in this deprived area of Nottingham.

Project Summary

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