Henry Moore Foundation, Perry Green\

Our work at Perry Green is a good example of how an organic process of steady growth and adaption can achieve the same results as a much more contentious, sudden, comprehensive redevelopment.

The Henry Moore Foundation has steadily increased the number of visitors to Perry Green in Hertfordshire where Moore moved his studio, home and workshops to avoid the Blitz. After the failure of a 'grand' project in 2003, we were introduced to work with the Foundation to organically grow, adapt, extend and link the collection of farm house buildings that form the headquarters of the Foundation.

The first step was the improvement of the Foundation's offices and the addition of a Secure Store and Archive to international conservation standards. As a further phase, we stripped back the Sheep Field Barn to the structural frame and rebuilt it to full museum standards using only natural ventilation, controlling humidity and temperature through thermal capacity and 'purging' with cool night air.

Each of the successive building moves has been supported by the increasing involvement of local people acting as guides and friends of the Foundation, so that the current popular visitor attraction is integrated into the life of the village.

“The extension to the headquarters of the Henry Moore Foundation has been handled with extreme sensitivity to the rural surroundings whilst providing the Foundation with new storage and working space which has received admiration from curators, conservators and visitors alike. It is a pleasure to work in the new building.”

Julie Summers, in RIBA Register, The Henry Moore Foundation

Project Summary

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