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New bank headquarters building for Bank of Handan

Handan Bank has taken 23 storey’s of a high rise development in the city centre as its new headquarters, and we won the international competition for the interior fit-out.

The Challenge

The challenge was balancing the needs of a corporate headquarters for one of the top 100 international banks in the world, with the local context of Handan. The province of He Bei is home to large amounts of heavy industry that has allowed many local steel and coal industry chiefs to accumulate wealth quickly which in turn has lead to the massive growth of the bank. The Bank is keen to attract these customers but at the same time be seen to be promoting an image of professionalism and European sophistication.

In China it is normal to secure your wealth with gold and platinum bars, so the scheme incorporated areas for these to be displayed.

The Big Idea

Our scheme endeavours to feel timeless, reflecting the transparency of the bank. The design adopts a modernist approach to truth to materials celebrating materials naturally occurring in this part of China: stone, steel, glass, timber and bamboo. The colour palette reflects the landscape of He Bei Provence with a predominance of greys and ochres, enhanced with warmer richer colours in the fittings and furniture. Glazed screens are used where possible to open up the floor plates and promote an overall feeling of transparency within the Bank.

Project Summary

  • Project name: Handan Bank
  • Location: Handan, He Bei Province, China
  • Sector: Workplace
  • Service: Interior Design
  • Type: Refurbishment, New build
  • Client: Bank of Handan
  • Status: Complete
  • Completion date: 2015

Project Team

Golden Mantis

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