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Electric Park

Where businesses can grow

Hawkins Brown - Electric Park - Exterior CGI - woman and child feeding ducks ner the river canal.

Attracting a well-rounded business community to help New Islington develop into a proper mixed-use, self-sustaining neighbourhood.

Hawkins Brown - Electric Park - Model - 01 - showing surrounding green areas and a building
Hawkins Brown - Electric Park - Exterior CGI

We’ve made sure that there is a type and size of workspace to suit everyone – from start-ups and maker studios to innovative blue chip businesses – within a campus framework that connects, unites and supports them.  Spaces have built-in flexibility and can expand with their occupiers over time.

Hawkins Brown - Electric Park - Exterior CGI - people sat outside on the green areas, near a bus or tram.

By utilising an exo-skeleton, with the structural elements pushed to the exterior of the building, we have been able to maximise the useable space and keep the rents down. Even the smallest spaces have their own front doors, accessed via external gantry walkways and staircases, which animate the exterior of the building and provide social meeting points for neighbours.

Hawkins Brown - Electric Park - Exterior CGI - showing canal and users walking by,

Creating the healthiest buildings for a post-Covid world means providing lots more event and collaboration spaces, and natural ventilation. And healthy buildings that benefit the whole community, not just the workers. So we’ve included best-in-class cycling facilities, rooftop amenities such as a basketball court and shared open spaces – for visitors and locals to enjoy as well.

Hawkins Brown - Electric Park - Exterior CGI - street view with traffic lights

The campus is car-free; the New Islington metro stop is on-site and there will be improved cycle and pedestrian routes and 550 new cycle spaces. The campus will be all-electric, using a combination of renewable energy suppliers and we will have our own on-site renewables.

Hawkins Brown - Electric Park - Exterior CGI - showing the river canal and users walking by

A wide range of social commitments and initiatives have been designed to ensure that the project in its construction and operation gives back to the wider community with around £8m of social value created in the first five years.

Project details

Project name: Electric Park

Location: Manchester, UK

Value: £50M – £100M

Scope: Architecture

Clients: General Projects

Status: Live

Project manager: MAC Consulting

Cost consultant: Arcadis

Structural engineer: Civic Engineers

Services engineer: Max Fordham

Landscape architect: Planit-IE

Fire engineer: OFR Consultants

Acoustic consultant: Sandy Brown

Planning consultant: Deloitte Real Estate

Sustainability consultant : Max Fordham

If you want to know more about our work in Northern England, contact Katie Tonkinson