Crawford Primary School\

Stitching together existing buildings

Hawkins\Brown delivered a successful extension and connective walkway to a much loved Victorian school. Providing ease of access and an inviting new entrance to accommodate the planned increase of 180 pupils.

Delivering a modern form of construction into an eclectic building set to unify a historic school. Cross laminated timber was used to allow an open bright teaching space whilst paying homage to the surrounding Victorian buildings. The new classroom block also utilised a modern natural ventilation system that allows all windows in a classroom to be closed in winter whilst still providing the ventilation to the classrooms via tempered air. This is a far more economical and sustainable approach for the life span of the school along with the cross laminated timber’s embodied carbon this sustainable approach was key to the project.

The Challenge

To provide six new classrooms and the infrastructure to connect the existing buildings from Victorian to the 1970s whilst making the school secure and accessible to all.

The Big Idea

A connective walkway and external lift to create freedom of movement whilst reconfiguring the existing entrance to provide a welcoming secure environment more suitable for the morning and evening flow of students and parents. The structural approach through CLT allowed volumous bright classes to assist in the teaching environment.

The Small Detail

Involving the school in the process through consultation and site visits for the children was essential to the delivery of this school. In particular the raised playdeck screens were designed by taking children’s drawings of trees and birds and turning these into a perforated patterned screen to reflect the school’s woodland play theme.

Project Summary

Project Team

Structural Engineer:Elliott Wood
Mechanical and Electrical Engineer:Barn Partnership
Landscape Architect:BD Landscape

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