Coronado Retail Development\

Commercial and civic urban center

The Coronado Retail Development creatively re-imagines a full city block as a new civic and commercial heart for this local community.

This prominent cluster of buildings and vacant land is being transformed into a new commercial hub through the adaptive re-use of existing historic buildings.

Hawkins\Brown is working with local architects, business owners and community planning groups to develop a socially and commercially successful re-development that will bring new local investment into the area.

The project includes a full urban design and landscape strategy to reinvent the existing carpark and service yard into a thriving community event space. Not only does this offer a space for farmer's markets, events and performances but has also allowed an increase of over 60% in the active commercial frontage.

Through careful consultation with the City of Coronado, existing parking requirements are being challenged to ensure a more pedestrian friendly place. Through creative use of hard and soft landscape treatments, arts and graphics the inner courtyard is suitable for both car parking or for events, depending on the time or day, or season.

This genuinely mixed-used scheme brings together rental accommodation, workspace and business incubator units alongside cafes and restaurants.

Project Summary

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