Charles Bell House, Image Directed Therapy\

UCL are in the midst of an ambitious redevelopment of their Bloomsbury Campus. Charles Bell House is an Edwardian building in the City of Westminster, and home to part of the Medical School associated with the former Middlesex Hospital.

Long earmarked for disposal following the closure of the Middlesex Hospital, Charles Bell House is located within the East Marylebone Conservation Area and was in need of full renovation and upgrade to provide accommodation suitable for world class clinical scientific research.

Charles Bell House will bring together researchers from the division or surgery, radiography and medical physics to work on collaborative research projects developing possible new cancer treatments.

On the ground floor we are designing a student hub and various teaching facilities. We are also creating a roof top extension to house new sustainable plants, this allows more space for specialist labs such as sequencing and pre-sequencing, histology and specialist imaging facilities.

Project Summary

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