A21 Development Framework\

A future vision for a strategic route

More than a road, the A21 is a civic spine and key growth area which could accelerate housing delivery, increase tree planting and support sustainable placemaking

The challenge

The A21 is both a strategic movement corridor and a place where people live, work and socialise, in spite of a public realm of uneven quality. This planning policy document addresses the wider borough’s housing, employment and social infrastructure needs.

The big idea

The A21 provides several opportunities. By developing this road, we aim to strengthen Lewisham's spine into a place that attracts, connects and inspires. While improving the environment itself as a place of health, safety and sociability, we'll be able to realise its potential to deliver an optimum level of housing and social infrastructure. The series of neighbourhoods that comprised the A21 will ultimately be defined and enhanced.

The small detail

The vision addresses the many opportunities of the corridor as a whole. They are a set of specific thematic objectives that can be used to measure any proposal for the A21 area. The aim of this development framework is to help improve current conditions. This involves rebalancing its movement and place functions, which includes promoting a change to more sustainable modes of transport.

Project Summary

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