Working Together For Better Results\

At a recent roundtable organised by Infrastructure Intelligence, Roger Hawkins joined a discussion about the importance of architecture practices and engineering firms working together and collaborating effectively.

Roger was joined by eleven other professionals at the Gherkin in the City of London to discuss the benefits of joint working, and explore ways of doing so more efficiently and effectively.

The discussion began with debate over skills shortages. Ashu Prabhu, Partner at Pell Frischmann, stated that the issue of skills was a crucial one for collaboration. Roger added, "The skills shortage is not a tap that you can turn on and off when you need more people. The benefit of bringing people in from around the world is the positive input that they bring to teams and projects and the quality and diversity of their thinking."

The group then went on to discuss what true collaboration is, and then discussed how best to incentivise the team. Roger agreed with Mark Bagley, Director at EPR Architects, that the client is absolutely fundamental, and brought up the importance of long-term thinking. He said, "If we can get that long-term thinking into clients' minds then we will get better projects."

To conclude the discussion, they addressed the challenge of working in Europe, where Roger highlighted some issues in the way that different nationalities approach regulations and legislation.

“Architects take the lead in the early stages of designs but then the balance tips, through novation or whatever, and then the engineers take over later.”

Roger Hawkins Partner

“It's a well-known statement that European legislation for Germans is to comply with, for French and Italians to ignore and for Brits to argue about! Notwithstanding that, I don't see Europe as being particularly difficult to win work in Europe.”

Roger Hawkins Partner

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