What's the use?\

Darryl Chen, Partner at Hawkins\Brown, features in the Spring edition of Estates Gazette, in an article about how the industrial sector is competing against housing demand and environmentally friendly uses for available land. Darryl discusses the importance of industrial space in urban areas and whether there is a mixed-use solution.

Darryl Chen says smaller scale projects are already being worked on, but his firm has drawn up plans for what it is calling the "Fast Forward Building", which conceives mixed use on a bigger scale.

Darryl explains noise and servicing are the big issues. He says positive perception is key, highlighting the benefits to the industrial occupiers of potentially having a food and retail offer on the doorstep, but also to residents who may have access to rooftop gardens or amenity space.

“Warehouse servicing, where vehicles go, has to be separate so it can't be seen or heard by residents. On our scheme they face in different directions. Trucks go in one direction, cars and pedestrians go in another direction.”

Darryl Chen Partner, Hawkins\Brown

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