The Bartlett Revamp\

JJ Lorraine, Bartlett graduate and founder of Morrow + Lorraine, writes a fascinating article about the new Bartlett building, giving an in-depth, positive review of the project.

Taking the best and making it better is never going to be easy, but it’s been made a whole lot more probable thanks to the newly refurbished Bartlett by Hawkins\Brown. The beating heart of this bright and vital future is the evanescent, often-ineffable phenomenon known as simply as collaboration.

Fortress-like Wates House has been replaced with a Bartlett that gives over its entire ground floor to public-facing spaces. The architecture feels optimistic, generous and welcoming; even without its rowdy inhabitants it feels convivial and friendly.

The space available to them is over twice what it was when they left, but an increased size isn’t all they’ll benefit from; the renovation will enrich their tutors potential to educe (related to the Greek notion of educere), to bring out or develop potential. When students and academics return from their temporary home on Hampstead Road this month, they will encounter a light-filled, open-minded and open-hearted Bartlett.

“As an institution, it has become better integrated into its context, outward looking and welcoming to the public.”

Euan Macdonald, Project Partner at Hawkins\Brown

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