View point on quality\

Nigel Ostime, Project Delivery Director at Hawkins\Brown, discusses the delivery of quality in each stage of the design process. He gives his views on the barriers to quality in the planning and procurement process, and how they could be broken down.

Architects will tell you there is intrinsic value in good design. Quality is delivered through two distinct phases in the project process. The first is the conceptual design phase, and what is given consent in planning. The second phase is what happens to that design as it passes through delivery.

Quality generated in the first phase can be lost in the second so both must be considered with equal weight. We must also remember that quality does not equal value. Value for some building clients means lowest cost. But as many architects will attest, low cost in construction is not an excuse for poor quality design.

Architects have an instinctive belief in the value of good design, but this message is not fully recognised outside the profession. We need to do more to promote it but at the same time we also need to develop a better understanding of our client's financial drivers.

“Architects have an instinctive belief in the value of good design.”

Nigel Ostime Project Delivery Director

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